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Suffering from sore feet, ankles, knees, legs or lower back pain?

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At Advanced Foot Care we are your local Hervey Bay & Bundaberg podiatrists, known as the foot specialist team, dedicated to helping you with all your footwear and podiatry needs. What you may not realize is the underlying problem to sore feet, ankles, legs or lower back pains is often bad foot posture or poor foot function which can translate up through the leg while walking or running, causing a wide variation of problems by putting unnecessary strain on joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves through misalignment.

As a leading Podiatrists we are devoted to diagnosing, assessing and treating these lower leg and foot pain problems. As well as the possible foot postural or biomechanical underlying issues which may be causing these problems.

Get personalized advice from the foot specialist team.

Advanced Foot Care is a Podiatry and footwear clinic established to enable patients not only to get the best treatment but also obtain expert advice on footwear and footwear fittings. Since opening its doors in early 2008 the podiatrists at Advanced Foot Care have helped thousands of people using advanced computer gait (walking analysis) and postural analysis equipment.

The clinics have pressure gait analysis and video gait analysis platforms that are almost 4 meters in length. These platforms consist of thousands of pressure sensors that can measure high pressure areas on the foot particularly useful in diagnosing fore foot pain or pain under the ball of the foot. These pressure scans are also useful in assessing how the foot is being used functionally while walking.

These platforms are also integrated with video gait analysis which measures and calculates differences in leg length, along with joint angles, to gain a thorough understanding of how the patient is walking and how the body is responding through postural compensations. Both the pressure analysis and video analysis can be captured simultaneously so they can be analyzed together in real time.

Jason Larkin, founding Bundaberg podiatrist of Advanced Foot Care, commented ‘The great thing about these long platforms is you don’t have to adjust the way you walk when being assessed. Often I see people being assessed on small pressure mats where they have to adjust their stride to make sure they hit the mat with the correct foot. This can actually change the way you walk considerably, potentially throwing the pressure analysis results way off.’

Since opening a clinic of Hervey Bay Podiatrists in 2008, Advanced Foot Care has opened a clinic of Bundaberg podiatrists utilizing the same equipment. Both of these clinics are virtually the same utilizing the same equipment and both stocking an excellent choice in quality footwear.

Advanced Foot Care clinic now offers a wide range of orthotic footwear to suit different foot conditions. Advanced Foot Care stock Aetrex, Naot, Orthoheel and the Dr Comfort footwear range.


Suffering from sore feet, ankles, knees, legs or lower back pain?

We can help!

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