Company Values

We are a Podiatry Clinic that is passionate about keeping people moving and mobile. We believe that feet play a massive part in our lives. With the average person taking enough steps to walk around the world 4 times. As podiatrists we have a great ability to improve our clients’ function and essentially enhance their lives. As a result, they can go forth and achieve their sporting goals, travel the world and enjoy everyday life.

We Keep it Real

What you see is what you get at AFC. We are open and honest with our clients and team members

We Raise the Bar

We are constantly striving to improve as people and professionals. We believe in learning and growing as a team to help deliver the best client experience and workplace we can

We Play Above the Line

Together we are greater than the sum of our parts. We collaborate and support one another to achieve our personal and professional goals. We celebrate that everyone has unique talents and we play to those strengths

We go Beyond

We love doing that little bit extra to make our clients and fellow team members feel special

Suffering from sore feet, ankles, knees, legs or lower back pain?

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