Footwear is as individual as you are. Which is why at Advanced Foot Care we recognize that our service is not just about the best treatment of your condition, but also about providing shoes for foot pain that will match your footwear style.

We have supportive comfort footwear in our Bundaberg and Hervey Bay clinics that are designed specifically to relieve the pain caused by misalignment and other foot ailments. We deliver expert advice on the right footwear and footwear fittings to suit your condition and ensure optimal comfort wherever you walk.

Shoes for foot pain

With our state of the art pressure and video gait analysis, we can assess exactly how your foot is being used as you walk in order to ensure you get a perfectly fitted pair of “shoes to ease your foot pain.

Reasons to use Advanced Foot care for your foot pain problem

  1. We are local
  2. The Bundaberg and Hervey Bay offices have state of the art podiatry equipment
  3. We stock a large range of shoes to match the style you want in Hervey Bay and Bundaberg.
  4. Foot pain and the correct fitting of shoes is our speciality

So come in today and select from our comprehensive range of footwear including brands such as: Dr Comfort, New Balance, BILLY Footwear, Archies, Saucony, Revere, Ziera, Wide Load and Propet.

Suffering from sore feet, ankles, knees, legs or lower back pain?

We can help!

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